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Custom Equipment and Fabrication

Custom Machinery Manufacturing

Our team of manufacturing engineers has a broad range of custom equipment production experience which they’ve accumulated in many different industries. Working to accomplish new production goals, or implementing new design concepts, their attention to detail can make complex projects successful. Holming commonly works on projects that include proprietary designs or processes. Our staff is used to NDA requirements, and understands the obligations attached to IP disclosures.Trust and confidentiality are fundamental elements of our business.

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Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Holming is an experienced capable of producing finished fabricated  metal parts of all sizes that are constructed of medium or heavy gauge sheet steel, aluminum and stainless steel components, weldments and plate work.


With a fully equipped shop and over 33,000 sq. ft. of space and the necessary cranes to handle fabricated work safely, our production team can handle a wide range of part shapes and finished sizes. As a one-stop-shop we offer the option of delivering finishes of all types as well as other secondary machining operations.

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