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Milwaukee Machine Builders, LLC

Custom Machinery and Fabrication

  • Custom Machinery Design and Build Services
  • Design & Engineering
  • Controls and Programming
  • Full Capability Machining
  • Metal fabrication
  • Panel Building
  • Custom R&D Prototypes are our Specialty
    • NDAs welcome
  • Software:
    • Autocad
    • SolidWorks


Building custom equipment with fully integrated control systems is a discipline that starts with a well-crafted discovery process. Defining the desired performance and functionality and then converting it from an initial concept to an approved set of designs that meets functional, operational, safety and regulatory requirements is a unique capability that Holming offers.


Based on a broad industrial knowledge base, our staff can help develop innovative approaches to customer production needs, or execute the manufacturing portion of a project based on customer supplied prints.


Holming excels at building proprietary process equipment. Our experience is significant in this area, but cannot be adequately represented on this public website. Working with companies that require NDAs to protect their intellectual property is a common requirement for many of our projects. If your firm has an interest in developing euqipment that incorporates proprietary concepts or processes, you can count on Holming to meet all your development requirements.

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