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Rotoclone® and Competitor Repair Services

Industrial Fan and Blower Repair Services

Holming Fan & Fabrication, LLC is a leading provider of repair services for industrial fans, blowers and air pollution systems. Their years of experience is a major advantage when it comes to assessing damaged blower assemblies and making decisions about the best approach to reconditioning any industrial fan system.

Not only do they re-manufacture or repair virtually any blower manufacturer’s industrial fans and blowers, they are experts at fixing all Rotoclone® blowers, fans and air pollution systems. Rotoclone® is manufactured by AAF International Power & Industrial Group. Although AAF International is a manufacturer of RotoClone® fans, Holming repairs, diagnoses and re-fabricates all components daily and at a cost that is typically much lower than Rotoclone® itself.

The following list of Rotoclone® parts that are typically repaired by Holming Fan & Fabrication are:

  • Fan wheels
  • Wet collectors repairs and rebuilds

From re-fabricating intricate components to updating, Holming has in-depth knowledge and many years of experience.

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Industrial environments such as chemical manufacturing plants, metal foundries, pulp and paper, plastics factories, tanneries, grain elevators and woodworking facilities all benefit from air pollution control systems. Holming Fan installs bag houses, cartridge collectors, cylcones and pre-cleaners for these industries.

Not only can Holming repair Rotoclone® fans and blowers, but many other major brands as well:

  • Fan wheel repair or replacement for out-of-business manufacturers
  • Bearing clearance set
  • Complete rebuild services
  • Component machining
  • Drive package repair or replacement
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Shaft repair or replacement
  • Bearing replacement
  • System evaluation
  • Fan balance services (static and dynamic)
  • Fan performance analysis
  • Housing construction, cleaning and repair
  • Impeller repair or replacement
  • On-site/field service
  • Overall system cleaning
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Vibration analysis

Industrial Fan and Blower Repair Services Include:

  • New York Blower Company
  • Twin City Fan and Blower
  • American Precision Services, Inc.
  • Slakt Fan
  • Joy Fans
  • Buffalo Fans
  • Barry Blower
  • Chicago Blower
  • Aerovent
  • Hartzell
  • Trane

With short lead times, emergency repair services, fan and blower repair components in stock and reverse engineering skills, Holming Fan offers in-depth industry expertise when it comes to all repair, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Contact Holming Fan & Fabrication today for the repair of your industrial blower or fan.