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Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Our skills include custom metal fabrication services and capabilities required for custom built industrial components and assemblies. We specialize in the fabrication of medium and heavy gauge sheet steel, aluminum and stainless steel components, weldments and plate work.


Facilities and Capabilities

Our 33,000 sq. ft. plant is equipped with an array of modern machinery used to perform shearing, rolling, punching, forming and drilling operations. We are staffed with experienced certified welders, inspection, maintenance and quality control people.



We have fabricated industrial vacuum loaders, control consoles, waste containers, machine bases and frames, tanks, rotary valves, conveyors and material handling equipment.


Prototyping and Manufacturability Assistance

Our team frequently consults with customers and assists in product design and prototype development.


Quality Delivered

At Holming Fan & Fabrication, we are quality conscious and experienced in working with strict customer specifications. Quality is maintained from weldments to finished assemblies to careful inspection of each product we fabricate.

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